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Without a doubt, steam showers are a wonderful addition to any bathroom. When you have your own steam shower unit, you have the benefit of a more relaxing, rejuvenating bath that will give you the instant energy boost you need.

But just like any other gadget or appliance, steam shower units need care and maintenance. Properly caring for your steam shower unit will help you avoid any issues and repairs, which will cost more in the long run.

Keeping your steam shower unit clean

It is important to clean your steam shower regularly to prevent the buildup of mould and mildew. Another reason why you need to keep your steam shower unit clean is to avoid the buildup of stains. Steam showers are known for producing vast quantities of moisture, so they need to be regularly cleaned and kept dry, especially after use. To remove any stains or mould, simply make use of an all-purpose liquid (non-abrasive) cleaner or even just homemade remedies like a vinegar and baking soda solution.

Carefully check the shower unit’s surface to make sure there are no stains or mould left, and if there are any stubborn ones, wipe them clean with a cloth which has been dipped in the cleaning solution. Ventilation is an important aspect as it can provide a good circulation of air that prevents mould and stain buildup. With this in mind, open your bathroom’s windows after using the steam shower and open the unit’s doors as well to allow moisture to evaporate.


To maintain the efficiency of your steam shower unit, have a professional check its heating coils once or twice a year. The heating coils of a steam shower may be less efficient after a period of time, especially if the unit is used frequently. If the unit produces less steam, the heating coils may require cleaning, or, in some cases, replacement.

The water pipelines should also be regularly inspected for leaks. If there is any leak in your water supply, the unit’s steam generator may generate less steam, making the unit less efficient. Aside from leaks, you should also check for any connections which are loose. If there are any leaks or a loose connection, have them sealed or tightened immediately.

Lisna Waters’ steam shower units are definitely built to last – and with the proper care and maintenance, you can enjoy them for an even longer time.

You may have noticed whirlpool baths have become even more popular in recent years. And why not? The great thing about having your own whirlpool bath is the fact that you need no longer visit a spa every time you want to relax and rejuvenate your body and senses – you can do it in the comfort of your own home. But if you are planning to equip your home with a whirlpool bath, there are some important considerations to think about.

The size and available space

The first thing you have to do is measure the space you have available in your bathroom. Don’t ever make the mistake of buying a whirlpool bath without first measuring the space you have. Make sure it fits and that you can still move around comfortably. Also, don’t just consider the size of the actual whirlpool bath itself – you also have to consider the space needed for it to be installed, including any decking necessary. Also, if you would like to place items beside the whirlpool bath such as candles, toiletries, and the like, then you may want to consider more deck space as well.

The weight

The weight of the whirlpool bath is another consideration. You have to think about how much it will weigh on its own plus when it is filled with water and when there is someone in it. If you think it will weigh too much, then you need to install bracing or support for it. This is especially true if your whirlpool bath will be installed on the second floor or level.

The plumbing

The plumbing is also important, and for this, you have to be able to connect the whirlpool bath to the appropriate piping. The motor box of the whirlpool needs to be easily accessible as well. In order to avoid any plumbing issue, what you can do is ask the whirlpool supplier for the specifications of the model you have in mind, then enlist the services of a professional plumber. This way, the plumber can check the specs and let you know if it will work or not, and how to make it work.

Our selection of whirlpool baths here at Lisna Waters are guaranteed to exceed all your expectations. With a combination of high quality materials and the most modern innovations, you’re sure to find the perfect whirlpool bath for your needs.

What’s better than being able to relax in your home at the end of a long and tiring day? Being able to relax in your very own steam shower, that’s what. A steam shower is becoming an increasingly popular addition to more and more homes in the UK, and it’s not hard to see why. Let’s take a closer look at why a steam shower is a great addition to your abode.

Its benefits:

A steam shower improves your circulation

When you spend time in a steam shower, your blood vessels expand, and the result is better blood flow. And when you have better blood flow, it follows that you have improved circulation as well. This is particularly helpful for those who have high blood pressure without you having to resort to medicine. A steam shower is an all-natural, refreshing and relaxing way of improving your circulation and your overall health.

A steam shower helps your muscles relax

This is a more obvious benefit of steam showers, but think about it. When you move about all day, your muscles become tired and strained – more so when you exercise. With exercise comes even greater muscle fatigue and soreness. But if you spend even just a few minutes in a steam shower after a long day at work or an hour at the gym, it can relax your sore muscles and rejuvenate your tired body. What you can do is alternate between a cold shower for one minute and a steam shower for another minute so your capillaries can really flush out your muscle soreness.

A steam shower is great for your skin

Your skin needs to be pampered as well – and you can best do this with a steam shower. If you may have noticed, steaming has always been used for the skin because it can open up the pores and clean out any dirt and toxins. When your pores are opened, you can significantly improve your skin’s glow and rid it of unsightly blemishes.

Here at Lisna Waters, our focus is on giving you the best steam showers in the market today. Our full range of steam showers lets you enjoy a five-star shower experience right in the comfort of your own home.

How things have changed in the past few decades. Not so many years ago an Avocado bathroom suite was the height of luxury! These days, the sight of a coloured bathroom has the opposite effect. White bathrooms are all the rage now and they are very popular. So, how can you make your bathroom stand head and shoulders above the rest?

Freestanding baths

range of freestanding bathsRather than a built in bath with a shower over, the latest trends are for freestanding baths and separate shower cubicles. There are plenty of options on the market but the one thing that will give your bathroom that sought after Wow! Factor is quality.

The quality of your bath really matters. Cheap plastic baths from the local DIY store with panels that are flimsy will stand out a mile. The faux Victorian feet that you find on some baths just don’t meet the mark. Your bathroom needs to stand the test of time so choose from a quality range.

Lisna Waters Quality

Our range of freestanding baths have been designed by craftsmen. The hand finish gives a lustre you just won’t see on lower quality baths. We manufacture our baths using CE and EN approved cast acrylic in European white for the closest match to the rest of your bathroom. All our baths carry a 10 year guarantee for your peace of mind. Our designers have been creating on trend baths for over 15 years so you can expect to find something a little different within our range.

Black is Back

To really have something different in your bathroom take a look at our black slipper bath. Monochrome is definitely on trend and our black slipper bath has a clean, fresh white interior and a black exterior. The two pieces of acrylic are bonded together which increases the strength of the bath. A thermal sheet is added during the bonding process which makes sure that your bath water stays hot. Each skin is coloured all the way through so in the unlikely event that a layer gets scratched it will hold its colour. Should the worst happen a scratch can easily be polished out leaving your bath as good as new. Over the lifetime of your bath a simple clean using warm, soapy water is all that is required. There is no need for special detergents or bleach which keeps your bathroom a safe place, especially if you have children.

Be the Envy of Your Friends

Choosing your new bath couldn’t be easier. Visit our website or one of our showrooms and you can soon have a bathroom that truly has that Wow!Factor and is the envy of your friends.

We all like a little luxury and how better to do it than to sink into a whirlpool bath at the end of a busy day. Relieve all those stresses and strains as powerful jets massage your body and relax you. Set the lighting to suit your mood or just go with the flow. Sound good? Let’s take a look at some of the features of a Lisna Waters Enlightened Whirlpool System.

Designed for Convenience

Lisna Waters Enlightened Whirlpool SystemOur whirlpool bath is designed to fit neatly into the corner of your bathroom and takes up less room than you might think. It’s smooth outside finish leaves no nooks and crannies to gather dust and it’s easy to keep clean. The low level water sensor means that your bath won’t get overfilled and water slop all over the floor when the jets come on, and won’t operate if there is not enough water for the jets to run. You can have full control of the water jets and LED lights from an electronic touchpad system.

Suits You, Sir

You can choose how many jets you want in your whirlpool bath and we will make a bespoke option for you. Choose from 8, 12 or 16 jets – the 16 jet option includes smaller jets on the sides of the bath. Zonal Jet Technology allows you to turn off the jets at either your feet or your back which gives extra pressure to the remaining zone. So, if you’ve had a back breaking day in the garden or spent all day on your feet, you can direct the jets at the area that needs the most attention. You can take full control of the jets so you can either have a vigorous massage or just a gentle caress – the choice is yours.

Safety First

As you relax in your whirlpool bath you can feel safe in the knowledge that your bath has been manufactured to the highest standards. All our whirlpool systems meet or exceed the BS EN 12764:2004 +A1:2008 requirements set by the British Standards Industry. Our Silverline treatment provides built in antimicrobial properties and is manufactured into the PVC. The whirlpool jets are designed to reduce the backflow of water into the whirlpool pipe work. There is an auto stop feature that will automatically shut down the pump if the suction filter is obstructed – very useful if your children are playing in the bath.

Want to Know More?

To find out more information about the Lisna Waters Enlightened Whirlpool Systems please get in touch with us or visit one of our showrooms.