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How You Can Properly Improve and Enhance Your Bathroom’s Ventilation

Bathrooms are undoubtedly moist, damp places – they are, after all, where we take baths and showers, wash our faces and hands, and perform other tasks which require the ample use of water. But because of its purpose, a bathroom can quickly become a mouldy, mildewy place that doesn’t smell fresh and clean, no matter how much we try to maintain it. This could have something to do with the bathroom’s ventilation; a bathroom needs to be well-ventilated in order for it to remain clean and fresh-smelling. Are you having issues with your bathroom’s ventilation? Here’s how you can improve and enhance the ventilation in your bathroom.

Space between the floor and door bottom

Bathroom VentilationOne way you can improve your bathroom’s ventilation is by making sure that there’s sufficient space between the bottom of the door and the floor. Ideally, there should be a space of about half an inch to ¾ of an inch between the floor and the door so that air can come in and out. For this, you have the option to lift the jam by using spacers so that your door can be lifted up to the right level.

Make use of a fan

You can also make use of a fan in your bathroom, and its placement should be carefully considered as well. The best placement for a bathroom fan would be near the opening or bathroom door, with its back facing the bathroom. This way, the air can be pulled inside your bathroom.

Install a grill or vent

Another option would be to install a grill or vent, particularly if you have a bathroom which has no windows. The grill or vent can be installed in the ceiling or the wall, and possibly operated electrically or mechanically, depending on the design installed. It can be ducted to the exterior to allow for better air flow and general ventilation.

The marvel of insulation

If you really want to make sure the ventilation in your bathroom improves, you can choose to insulate both your bathroom flooring and the exterior wall. Other options would be to seal air leaks as well as remove any plants that are in the bathroom, as these can contribute to the buildup of mould and moisture as well.

Leave the door open

Sometimes, the simplest solutions are the best. One of the simplest solutions for an improperly-ventilated bathroom would be to leave the door open. After using the shower or the bath, just leave your bathroom’s door open a few inches for about 30 minutes to an hour, and this should help improve the ventilation in your bathroom.