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Bathroom Tips

The average British bathroom is notorious for its small size, and whilst this is something most Brits are used to, most of us still want our bathroom to look and feel as large as possible – we need room to move round, after all, and it’s always more pleasant when we are performing our necessities or enjoying a bath or shower in a more open space.

Luckily, there are many things we can do to make our bathroom more enjoyable, and the good news: it doesn’t have to be expensive to create the feeling of open breathing space. Here are some simple ways to make your small bathroom look – and feel – larger.

Avoid patterned walls

Bathroom TipsIt may be tempting to make the bathroom more attractive by using specific patterns or designs – but this is a mistake, especially when it comes to smaller rooms. If you want to use fun wallpaper, keep it for larger rooms. Patterns tend to make the space even smaller than it already is.

The mirror

When it comes to creating the illusion of space, the larger the mirror, the better off you will be. The large mirror does two things. First of all, it makes the place seem bigger than it actually is (it’s a trick of the eye). Secondly, it bounces the light around, and this helps make the room much brighter and therefore also livelier. Ensure that your mirror makes a statement.

Shelving in the walls

A lot of British homes actually have double walls, which means they can comfortably take time to build the shelves into the walls. Many people don’t realise that there might be wasted space behind those walls – check carefully; it might apply to you. Having your shelves built into the walls automatically saves a lot of storage space and creates a sleek and neat design concept.

The hanging toilet

A wall-hung toilet (the hanging toilet) is a great way to save space, and it gives the bathroom a modern touch as well. Furthermore, maintenance and cleaning also becomes a lot easier.

Choose the bath carefully

There are lots of baths you can choose from; why not try to find one that fits into a corner, or one that focuses on height?

In general, it’s also a good idea to paint your walls and ceiling the same colour – this makes it harder to find where one begins and one ends; it tricks the eye and the mind. Soft, light colours and tints are excellent, as they make the light bounce around better. Don’t forget that installing the appropriate kind of lighting is also extremely important. With a little bit of creativity, there are many things you can do to bathe with the feeling of a wide open space.

Walk in Shower

The shower has become the main way of bathing in Britain – and for many good reasons. Not only is it very practical when it comes to space, it’s also very economical when it comes to time and resources (most notably water and electricity), and it is actually a healthier and cleaner option compared to other alternatives out there. It’s efficient and it’s very enjoyable, so it’s a great choice.

However, when installing a shower, there are some important things to consider. More and more people are opting for a walk in shower, simply because it offers so much flexibility. Have you ever wondered what the advantages of a walk in shower are? Here are the true benefits of a walk in shower you should know about.

Make it according to your specifics

Your bathroom is different from others; your needs are different from those of the next person – as are those of your family. The great thing about the Walk in Showerwalk in shower is that you can customise it according to your needs and specifications. Write down what you require most of all, and adjust your plans accordingly.

Easy maintenance

There are many manufacturers of cubicles or shower areas (pre-manufactured) who will try to convince you that it’s the best deal you can get. Maybe they’re right; there are indeed a lot of great makes and models on the market. On the other hand, having a walk in shower is guaranteed to give you easy maintenance and allows you to enjoy your shower more without having to do too much cleaning and maintenance.

They last

They’re easy to install, and easy to clean – and since they are also easy to make to order, it follows that they are built to last. The walk in shower is sure to give you pleasure long after all other models start to show wear and tear.

Efficiency throughout

Not only is it friendly for your pocket when it comes to installation, it’s also great when it comes to running costs – you save a lot of money in both water and electricity in the long term. And because of this, it’s environmentally-friendly, too.

It’s an investment

Yes, it will increase the value of your home. It’s a great investment.

Start with your bathroom – start with what is available. Measure, and decide the best dimensions of your walk in shower first. Of course, don’t just consider the size of your bathroom (as they only present limitations) but also consider the comfortable space it requires for the largest member of your family to shower in comfort. As for the rest – it’s all a matter of practical and aesthetic preferences. Choose wisely; you’re making a great investment that it sure to pay off for many years to come.

whirlpool bath

There was a time when whirlpool baths were considered to be an item of luxury, something to be seen only in health spas or fitness clubs. Those days are long gone; whilst a whirlpool bath still offers you a tremendous amount of luxury and comfort, they are becoming more and more popular because they are increasingly becoming more affordable and because consumers are more aware of their various benefits. If you’re thinking of getting a whirlpool bath, then congratulations are in order.

However, you need to make sure you get the right one; there are a lot of choices on the market, and each manufacturer will have its own features installed. If you can’t decide which to choose, then this one’s for you: here’s a list of useful features to look for in a whirlpool bath.

First, some practical thinking

whirlpool bathYou need to be sure that the practical issues are taken care of, so let’s go over those first:

  • Location – You need to be sure the whirlpool bath will be installed where it is most convenient; beware of doors and windows that open (of the room as well as of closets), and think about the existing plumbing and electrical supplies.
  • Size – space is important, and a bath that is too large and eats up too much bathroom space is not practical. Strike a balance.

Choosing your features

There are many features available. Consider just some of them:

  • Thermostatic control – this feature will allow you to regulate the temperature of the water automatically as it mixes hot and cold water according to your settings.
  • Water massage system – enjoy the jets and streams of water hitting your body.
  • Air massage system – similar to the water massage system, only softer and smoother.
  • Maintenance – some systems actually maintain themselves!
  • Lighting – that’s right, you can liven the atmosphere with in-built lighting options.

Of course, there are many other features that you can look for. For example, there are models out there that provide you with an air regulator (which diffuses extra pressure), or you can opt for a foam headrest (which provides you with extra comfort, but which needs to be checked for water-proofing). You can also opt for a hand-held shower system, for example. However, before you choose any of these special features, you may want to investigate the safety of them – that’s the most important, after all. Your manufacturer should be able to tell you what safety features are installed, and how they work. If you’re going for a whirlpool bath, then there surely are many hours (no – years) of bathing pleasure ahead – provided, of course, you make the right choice for you and your family.

Steam Shower

If you’re interested in getting a sauna or steam shower installed in your own home, then congratulations are in order – after all, bringing a spa-like experience into your bathroom shows that you care about yourself and your family, and the numerous benefits (both physical and mental health) will elevate your standard of living significantly. However, it’s important to understand that a sauna and a steam shower are two very different things, even though the two terms are often used interchangeably. Before you go out shopping, think about which fits your life (and budget) best: here are the top three distinctions between a sauna and a steam shower you should know about.

Dry vs. moist heat

The difference between the two lies mostly in the kind of therapy you will enjoy – either high and dry heat (sauna) or low and moist heat (steam shower). To a large degree this is a matter of personal choice although it has been proven that there tends to be more advantages to the steam shower relative to the sauna, especially for those suffering from asthma, the common cold, the flu, or for those afflicted with pulmonary diseases. It’s also Steam Showerbetter for the skin.

Major health benefits

Both offer great health benefits, especially:

  • Provision of deep heat for pain relief, especially to muscles and joints after accidents or exercise
  • Improvement of the immune system
  • Improved blood flow, leading to more nutrients and oxygen flowing to the vital organs
  • Mental relaxation

It should be pointed out, however, that the steam shower has extra advantages:

  • The de-clogging of sinuses and airways to soothe pulmonary diseases
  • Softer and cleaner skin

Installation and materials

Saunas are usually made of wood because dry heat is used. Steam showers are never made of wood and should be completely enclosed (and made waterproof) to ensure the damp and steam don’t penetrate into other parts of the bathroom. The construction and installation materials will differ, as will the plumbing requirements.

The truth is that, whichever you choose, you will have made a good choice – the health benefits of both have been proven over and over throughout history, and both allow you to relax in different ways, raising your standard of living, adding value to your home and giving you more and more energy with each session to face the next day. However, it’s important to make the right choice; it will influence your budget and if you have health issues, one might be preferable over the other. In case of doubt, consult the professionals and follow the advice of a medical expert. Your life is about to change, after all, and it should become better – just the way you want it.

Steam Shower

Each of us has a preference when it comes to keeping our homes and bathrooms clean. Some rely on the power of commercial cleaning products like bleach, whilst others swear by a combination of popular commercial cleaners and household materials such as baking soda. But if you have a steam shower and are having concerns about how to really keep it clean, sparkling, and dirt-free, then what you should know is that there is one single, common product found in almost all households which can solve your cleaning and maintenance problems: citric acid.

Citric acid is found in citrus fruits such as lemons, and it’s always had a special place in the household, especially when it comes to keeping things Steam Shower clean. Citric acid has a plethora of uses, not just for cleaning, but also in cosmetics and detergents. You can buy lemons most anywhere and use the juice to clean your beloved steam shower unit.

The advantages of using natural cleaning products like lemon

Of course, you can always use commercial cleaning products to keep your steam shower clean, and there’s no harm in it as long as you take certain precautions. For instance, if you are planning to use bleach, it’s best to keep the area well-ventilated by leaving a door or window open so you will not be affected by the fumes. But if you want to keep it natural, then citric acid from lemons is a brilliant choice.

For a more natural cleaner for your bathroom and steam shower, you can use citric acid in place of vinegar (another powerful cleaning agent) for its more pleasant smell. Some individuals swear by vinegar, but it has a stronger, less pleasing smell than citric acid, so if you want your steam shower unit and bathroom to be clean and smell fresh at the same time, then use the citric acid from lemons.

How lemon juice can keep your bathroom fixtures and steam shower clean

If you have bathroom fixtures that need cleaning or have water marks or stains, simply rub half of a piece of lemon onto the fixtures and leave it for about 15 minutes. You will immediately notice the difference. You can also make a mixture of lemon juice and baking soda to use as a dish cleaner and bathroom cleaner.

Before cleaning your steam shower unit, make sure it is turned completely off first. Then, pour a mixture of water and lemon juice onto the cleaning cup of your steam shower. Once the cup is adequately filled, replace the cup’s lid. You can then turn on the unit’s steam function. Wait five to ten minutes then turn off the function. Turn on the regular shower (without the steam function) and let the water drain. Voila! You now have a perfectly clean and presentable steam shower unit just by using a little bit of lemon juice.

Whirlpool Bath

Although there may be many different types of baths to choose from nowadays, still nothing can compare to the ultimate relaxation provided by a whirlpool bath. With your own whirlpool bath, you can benefit from a fabulous massage and a soothing soak right in the comfort of your own home. But when you are contemplating purchasing a whirlpool bath for your home, there are some factors that you need to consider first. Once you think of these factors, you can say without a doubt that your purchase of a whirlpool bath is totally worth it.

Know what you need

You certainly have plenty of choice in regards to whirlpool baths. Sizes and shapes can vary, so it can be a little bit confusing when you see all the Whirlpool Bathchoices that are available. Before you even begin to browse through various selections, you should determine what it is that you want and need. If you have a large bathroom, for instance, you may want a whirlpool bath which can accommodate two people. Most whirlpool baths also come with multiple jets, but where these jets are placed also makes a difference. The best type of whirlpool bath is one that has jets that are placed in strategic locations so that you can have a back and leg massage whilst soaking at the same time. If you have a small bathroom, no need to worry – you can also opt for a corner whirlpool bath which takes up less space.

Use it at the end of a long, tiring day

Everyone loves a good soak once in a while, especially if they’ve had quite a stressful, hectic day. But what can soothe your tired, aching muscles more than a luxurious soak at a whirlpool bath? As a matter of fact, it’s been scientifically proven that whirlpool baths have certain hydrotherapy benefits, as the warm water combined with the water jets can relax your muscles, eliminate joint or muscle strain, and take care of fatigue and backache. The emotional and mental benefits are there as well – not only will your body feel relaxed, your mind also feels less stressed. One way to maximise your experience in your whirlpool bath, therefore, is to do it at the end of the day. This way, you can also have a great sleep.

Invest in good lighting

If you want to have a completely relaxing experience every time you use your whirlpool bath, you should also consider the lighting. Most bathrooms, unfortunately, only have overhead lighting which is not only dull and boring, but ugly as well. Try to invest in good lighting for your bathroom, especially lighting that can be dimmed or placed in the corners so that you can have a more soothing, relaxing ambience – perfect for that evening soak.

Lisna Waters Encore Whirlpool Bath & Airspa

Lisna Waters Encore Whirlpool Bath & AirspaWith the frantic pace of life today – there’s nothing quite like pampering yourself after a tough day at work or with the kids. Having your own whirlpool bath at home negates any need to wait for the weekend to escape to a spa or health club to take advantage of such luxury.

Here are 5 reasons why having your own whirlpool bath at home might be the smartest move you could make this year.

  1. Modern whirlpools don’t need a lot of space

Forget the classic hot tubs or excessively large health club Jacuzzis you might have seen. Today’s whirlpool baths are designed with even the most space-challenged bathrooms in mind. Many whirlpool baths are no larger than a regular sized bath, and corner-mounted whirlpool models give even more flexibility – so if it would be exaggerating to call your bathroom spacious – you’ll still be able to find a whirlpool bath that will fit.

  1. Health benefits

While the amazing feeling of relaxation provided by soaking in a whirlpool bath may fade after a few hours – the long term health benefits of regular whirlpool bathing are real and lasting. Health benefits provided by hydrotherapy include enhanced blood circulation, faster recovery from sports or exercise related muscle strain, relief from joint stiffness, and increased vitamin and nutrient delivery throughout your body. And of course, the deep cleansing action of hydrotherapy makes your skin healthier.

  1. Convenience and comfort

The benefits of whirlpool bathing are well known by many. This accounts for the increased popularity of whirlpool baths for the home. There’s nothing more convenient than de-stressing in your own home whenever you feel like it, without the need to go to a spa or health club, and it’s a lot less expensive too. As more and more people adopt a healthy lifestyle and include more exercise and sports activities in order to feel good and look good, having access to your very own whirlpool bath makes perfect sense.

  1. Added value

With whirlpool baths in high demand, this addition to your home not only adds value to your bathroom but also to your home overall. While the benefits of whirlpool bathing may be felt more than seen, for many prospective home buyers the fact that a home has a whirlpool bath already installed provides not only a WOW factor, but can also tip a buying decision in your favour when it comes time to move on.

  1. Create your own haven of tranquility

There’s absolutely no excuse for not being able to create your very own haven of tranquility and relaxation with a whirlpool bath in your own bathroom. The Lisna Waters range of whirlpool baths offers a wide choice of styles, shapes and luxurious features to suit the most discerning tastes. Whether you opt for a traditional rectangular model, a two-person double-ended whirlpool, or a corner-mounted model, you’ll be able to create the perfect relaxation space to enjoy whenever you have time.

Why not check out the Lisna Waters Encore Whirlpool Bath & Airspa to see what you could be enjoying.

Whirlpool Bath

It’s time to start thinking seriously about your whirlpool bath purchase. If you have been looking at whirlpool tubs for months now, dreaming about the day when you can relax in the swirling bubbles, it’s time to make the dream a reality. Choosing a whirlpool bath is easy when you know how. Pay attention to the following buyers’ tips to make sure you get the best deal and the best fit for your bathroom. Answer these questions to find your ideal tub.

  1. What Will Fit in My Bathroom?

It’s no good buying the perfect tub with all the gadgets attached if there is no way it will fit in your existing bathroom, and you don’t want to remodel. Whirlpool BathTake care to measure the bathroom before you start shopping, taking into account the amount of space you will need surrounding the tub for the surround, and any shelving you may need in order to keep shampoo and toiletries close at hand.

  1. What Will Fit Through the Door?

If you are installing a whirlpool tub into an existing bathroom, measure the height and width of the door opening and check that the height of the tub will fit through the door. You will also need space for turning the tub once it is in the room. When you are installing a tub in a new build you have more flexibility as the doors will not be in place if you install the tub first. In extreme situations you may be able to take out the windows to get the tub into a ground floor bathroom, but this is not ideal and can create a considerable amount of work.

  1. What’s the Weight?

If you are putting the whirlpool bath on the second floor you will need to consider if the existing flooring will handle the weight of the tub, plus the water, and the weight of the occupants. You may need to reinforce your floor. Or install a smaller tub.

  1. Will I Need to Remodel?

Look at the site for the tub and decide if you are going to have to make renovations to the bathroom or if the tub can fit right into an existing plumbed space. It is obviously easier if you can install the whirlpool bath into an existing space, but if you want to do a full remodel you have much more flexibility.

  1. How Often Will I Use the Tub?

Think about your lifestyle and how often you plan to use the tub. If you are going to enjoy the tub every week, add some extra features to get your money’s worth. If you and your partner are going to soak together, make it a two-seater model.

Stress has a huge impact on your day to day performance, and your overall health. It is proven that stress creates significant health problems over time. Of course, stress is necessary and common and you can’t get away from stress entirely. But if you don’t learn how to manage it, you could be in for some problems. Luckily, the simplest things can make a big difference to your stress levels. A steam shower, for example. Here’s why the luxurious steam shower can help you manage your stress and feel better.

Turn Your Bathroom into a Relaxing Sanctuary

De-stress from a day at work or with the kids by switching on the steam shower and turning the bathroom into a mini-spa. The steam and the whole bathing experience allow you precious moments of relaxation in your busy day. You can sit back inside the shower and let your stress melt away. Add aromatherapy oils to the steam shower, or experiment with different lighting levels and colours, and you will soon notice a difference in your mood.

steam showerSteam Relieves Stress

The steam within the shower helps to relieve muscular tension and lowers mental stress. The temperature of the steam and its therapeutic action is proven to ease aches and pains physically, and take away anxieties psychologically. Steam also helps to widen the blood vessels, which allows blood to flow more easily around the body. With improved circulation you think more clearly, and benefit from lower blood pressure. All this helps to lower the stress exerted on your body on a daily basis. It is very helpful to take a steam shower to loosen up the muscles, improve circulation, and decrease feelings of tension and anxiety.

Stress Relief the Easy Way with a Steam Shower

And the good news is you don’t have to travel far and have the hassle of signing up to a gym or for a spa day in order to take advantage of the steam benefits. The home steam shower makes it easy to relax because you don’t have to go farther than your own bathroom. You don’t add to your stress by driving, or finding somewhere to park. The rise in steam shower installations means the steam shower experience is within the reach of many more people.

Supplement the stress relief benefits of a steam shower with a gentle wind-down routine at the end of the day which includes switching off all your devices an hour or so before bed, taking a steam shower with your favourite bathing products, and then relaxing in a cool, darkened room to ease you into sleep.

You may be familiar with a steam shower – you may have even enjoyed one in the gym or spa or salon. However, very few people know that steam showers are now available for personal use within a residential bathroom; and even fewer people understand the many benefits the steam shower offer. Not only are steam showers very practical and healthy – they transform your shower experience and elevate your lifestyle to a whole new level. Here are some of the lesser-known benefits of having your own steam shower:

Detox in your bathroom

steam showerYou’d be surprised how many chemicals we ingest every day – it started a couple of decades ago (with the proliferation of preservatives and colourants) and we’re only beginning to get wiser now. Add to this the increase in pollution levels, and you see why detoxifying yourself is a very good idea. Building up a good sweat in the steam shower is an excellent way of ridding yourself of those nasty, harmful chemicals.

Breathe better

Steam showers have proven to be beneficial for people suffering from ailments such as asthma, bronchitis, sinusitis, and various allergies that can affect the pulmonary system. Moist air and steam enter the airways and help relax the walls, unclogging them. There is an almost instant relief from inflammation and congestion, and people are immediately able to breathe more easily. Steam showers are also great for anyone suffering the symptoms of colds and the flu.

Boost your immune system

A hot steam shower automatically allows for better blood circulation, and this, in turn, boosts your immune system. At the same time, your body temperature is raised – just like what happens when you have a fever – and this helps eliminate any virus that might be hiding under your skin, simply because most viruses and diseases can’t survive at temperatures higher than the normal body temperature.

Revive your skin

Yes, your skin, too, will benefit greatly, because you have a good chance to sweat. The raised temperature and moisture in the steam shower opens your pores and allows them to be cleaned naturally with your perspiration. Steam showers definitely aid in improving skin tone and clarity.


Because your blood circulation dramatically improves whilst in the steam shower, your body organs receive more vitamins, oxygen, and minerals. Your muscles relax and your mind is released from stress. This doesn’t just create relief from sore muscles and aching joints, but also from unwanted thoughts and mental anguish, leaving you rejuvenated and fresh.

The steam shower has enormous health benefits – for both the body and the mind. No wonder more and more people are opting to choose a steam shower in their bathroom; it is, after all, a combination of traditional shower and steam room.