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About the Lisna Waters Encore Whirlpool System

Lisna Waters use heavy duty rigid pipework on all of our whirlpool bath systems, this pipework increases dramatically the quality and lifespan of the whirlpool. Our specifically designed unique V Shaped Non Return Jets which helps reduces the flow of water back into the pipes, to reduce an excess water from entering the whirlpool pipes. The Baths can have dry run protection which means the whirlpool will not turn on without the bath being filled with water to the correct level meaning no damage to the pump will occur with our electronic control system. All the Lisna Waters baths come with deluxe solid brass pop up wastes. What do you get with a Lisna Waters whirlpool bath, is an extremely well designed and built bath, with the highest quality components available and most importantly we put our customer’s needs and safety first.

The video shows The LWB18-1 1680 x 685mm Whirlpool Bath with Encore Whirlpool & Encore Revive Airspa System and Underwater LED Light with Colour Stop Technology.

Encore Product Features

Helps to stop water being left in pipe work.

Photo Gallery Of The Enlightened Whirlpool System


Plus All Of Our Standard Whirlpool Features

Our whirlpool baths are made bespoke to all our customers requirement, our range somes with either 8, 12 or 16 whirlpool jets. If you opt for the 16 jet option model these will include extra multijets which are the smaller jets on the left and right sides of the bath.

Our Zonal Jet Technology allows you with a twist to turn off the Multi-Jets at the back or foot jet positions. The idea with this feature is to allow you to increase the pressure to certain jets by turning off some of the others.

Allows you to control the intensity of the whirlpool system from a soft massage to a vigorous massage session

Ensures to catch hair and stop damage to the whirlpool pump

The auto stop feature on the suction ie legs it will auto-shutdown of the pump. Obstructions to the suction filter will cause the auto stop safety feature to enable and protect the whirlpool system and person.

Integrated into the whirlpool jets to help reduce back flow of water into the whirlpool pipe work.

Lisna Waters use heavy duty rigid pipework on all of our whirlpool bath systems, this pipework increases dramatically the quality and lifespan of the whirlpool.

Allows you to move the direction of the jet which thus allows you to redirect the jet stream to various positions

At Lisna Waters we manufacturer all our whirlpool systems using the hightest quality whirlpool components that can be sourced from the UK, Europe & Australasia. These meet and exceed the newly enforced UK British Standards Industry requirements BS EN 12764:2004 +A1:2008 which most whirlpool bath suppliers do not meet nor even know that exist.

The locations of the jets, controls, underwater light, inlet suction and other components of the bath are for Illustration purposes can may not be in the exact location as shown due to the hand made nature of our products each customer order is bespoke


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