The luxurious collection of Lisna Waters Steam Showers offer the perfect showering experience helping you relax, rejuvenate and cleanse.

With the highest quality materials and advanced technology used in our collection of showers you can experience the latest innovations in Steam Showering and create a five-star spa experience in your own home.

With Hydrotherapy Jets, Ambient Mood Lighting. Aromatherapy and Deeply Relaxing Sounds you can create the ultimate indulgence using the touch screen controls to precisely create your own exclusive retreat with our steam shower range.


With a Lisna Waters steam shower enclosure you get a well made steam cabin made with high quality components with a 2 year product guarantee.  You can also register your product within 120 days of delivery and have had your product installed by professional plumber and electrician you can available of our free 6 year extended parts guarantee.

So what is a steam shower cabin? What’s wrong with just a typical shower? Well, a steam shower cabin is designed specifically to include all of the luxuries and additions that everybody wishes for when it comes to redesigning their bathrooms.

Not only providing health benefits and economic benefits, steam showers also makes your personal time in the cabin, a relaxing experience, rather than a just for cleansing. Our steam showers have been manufactured to combine a regular thermostatic shower mixer, hydrotherapy massage jets, and a monsoon shower, accompanied by lots of steam. In addition, the cabin can also come equipped with variants of coloured lighting, and models have the option for aromatherapy and music should you choose to have your playlist running in the background as you relax in the luxurious cabin. All of this comes with very low usage of water and electricity and takes up a reduced amount of flooring compared to other types of showers. So why choose the steam shower cabin, and is it suitable for what you’re looking for?

Now, as mentioned previously, the steam shower cabin provides an entire range of cleaning processes for you to select from, giving you the option to have a super quick clean, or maybe spend a good half hour in the cabin to relax and gain some much-needed clarity. Let’s start with the monsoon shower and what that provides. The monsoon shower is a bit more than just a regular shower, giving you the option to soak your body entirely if you are in a relaxed mood and need some tension relieving. Most people, of course, would opt for a bath in this particular instance, but with a monsoon shower, you can slip in the steam cabin, turn on the shower and practically bathe while standing upright, though you can sit down if you prefer, as many models do come with built-in seats so that you don’t have to spend all of your time standing up. If you don’t have a seat with your model, shower stools are an option.

The regular shower option is rather straight forward. Offering a quick and efficient clean if you are short of time, or just prefer a quick scrub, the regular shower acts as you would think. A great option for those who prefer more simple methods.

If you are a bit of a lounger after a hard day’s work, or maybe you become tense very easily and need to find a way of removing that tension, then the Hydrotherapy back massage jets are perfect for what you need. Excellent for relieving muscles of that much-unwanted tension, and also helps to relax your mind as you let the jets go to work on your body. Do not expect the jets to rid you of severe pains and aches completely, they are simply there to reduce the tension in your body and help to relax the muscles. Being the more affordable choice in comparison to visiting a massage therapist, the jets allow an all in one massage, within the relaxing confines of your own home.

The last instalment in the array of features is the all-powerful steam. Of course, steam comes along with a normal shower if you run the water hot enough, but the amount of steam you’ll receive in the cabin far exceeds that of a normal shower. Accompanied by a wealth of health benefits, you’ll feel better than ever before after indulging in the excesses of steam. A few things to note about the steam aspect of the shower is the range of steam inducing systems that you can have available in your home. Certain steam treatments, for example, saunas, highlight the heat. Therefore, they limit the humidity. Other steam systems, such as Turkish baths, underline the abundance of steam in the cabin. Certain conditions that benefit from lots of steam are perhaps best suited to a sauna, that way the amount of steam will help to ease the condition in the best manner possible. As is evident, there is much more to a steam shower cabin than just a shower, and easily the most useful feature of the cabin is the steam itself.