Create the ultimate five-star spa experience in your own home with a Lisna Waters Whirlpool Bath.

Tailor your therapeutic bathing experience to revitalise and reenergise using Hydrotherapy Jets for a pulsating massage, relax in Ambient Mood Lighting, revive with 12 Air jets and release tension and target your shoulders, neck and back with Zonal Jets.

Lisna Waters Whirlpool Baths have been designed using the most sophisticated innovations with the highest quality materials to ensure you get an exceptional bathing experience in contemporary and stylish surroundings.

By focussing on the build quality we are confident that these baths will look beautiful and stylish from the day it is built and for many years after that. Whilst this means that our baths are a little bit more expensive than the competition we know that every bath has been built to last.

We have 3 ranges of whirlpool baths for you to choose from, Encore, Exquisite  & Enlightened whirlpool systems.  The Encore range features all of that you would expect from a whirlpool bath, made from the finest european parts and assembled in the UK, these baths are built to last.   The Enlightened range of whirlpool baths brings the modern age right into your bathroom. Bringing all of the build quality of the Revive range and adding glass control panels, room & water illumination systems, and much more.

By choosing to bring a Lisna Waters product into your home, you are deciding to make a lasting statement about who you are & what you expect from life!