There's no doubt that a steam shower is one of the greatest indulgences you can add to your bathroom. Steam showers have the modern powerful shower experience combined with a relaxing steam feature, you can choose whether to enjoy a fast, cleansing shower or a relaxed and leisurely soak. Steam showers help you to rejuvenate, get clean, and relax. If you have decided your bathroom needs a steam shower, take a look at the models available on our site, and also pay attention to the following tips for buyers.

  1.  Investigate the Controls 

Modern Steam ShowerA steam shower can be complicated but the best showers have an easy-to-use control panel to make life easier. When buying a shower look at the controls to see how intuitive they are and whether you will be able to operate them without stress. Touch-screen controls are preferable as they are simple and stylish. A control panel should allow you to pick settings and save your favourites so taking a shower becomes a stress-free thing to do. You can even find shower control panels with Bluetooth connectivity for the best user experience.

  1.  Check the Quality 

The showers in our ranges are all constructed using high quality materials and the kind of technology you would expect in a modern shower, so you don't need to worry about buying a substandard shower. Look for a shower with the latest innovations but one that has been made with long-lasting quality in mind. You need a shower that will stand the test of time and be a fixture in your bathroom for years to come.

  1.  Look at the Features 

Steam showers come with a range of features - pick a shower that suits your needs and one which will deliver the luxury touches you want. You don't have to have all the features if you are trying to keep the budget down. Choose the ones you most want and will use on a regular basis. Steam shower features include mood lighting, aromatherapy for relaxation or rejuvenation, hydrotherapy jets, and others. Hydrotherapy jets are ideal when you suffer from aching muscles, and the aromatherapy feature is great for winding down at the end of a busy day.

  1.  Decide on Shower Size

Depending on your needs you can choose from a range of different sized showers for individual or double use. Check what seat comes with the shower and whether it is big enough for you. The size of the shower-head is also important - you need a wide head that provides a good level of water cover so you get properly drenched when you are taking a shower.

  1.  Pick a Freestanding Shower? 

A freestanding shower enclosure is perfect for fitting in a bathroom as you don't need to handle the grouting or the wall fixings. The unit fits within the corner of the bathroom or along a wall and is a compact shape to allow for the optimum use of the space in your bathroom.