Today's luxury shower is a feature-packed piece of equipment. Gone are the days when a modern shower meant being able to adjust the temperature from a dial, not the tap. When you look at shower cabins on the market today, you'll find all sorts of features from music players to hydro massage jets. If you are searching for a new luxury shower, here are just a few of the features you can expect to find.

  1. Fully Enclosed Cabin 

Modern Shower CabinsModern shower cabins are fully finished and constructed, ready to set up in your bathroom without the need for tiling or waterproofing. The cabin itself is a sleek, modern construction that contains all the necessary shower mechanisms inside, with a watertight door and walls. This enables you to use the shower as a steam room when you activate the steam jets. And it makes the modern cabin convenient and easy to fit in your bathroom.

  1.  Ambient Mood Lighting 

Many showers come with ambient lighting where you can adjust the strength and even colour of the lights according to your mood. Use bright, clear light for when you want to get going in the morning, and a soft glow for when you are relaxing at the end of the day.

  1.  Aromatherapy Additions 

Showers with steam vents often have a place where you can add aromatherapy oils so that the steam in the shower is scented with these natural essences. Aromatherapy brings a new depth to the quality of your relaxation.  

  1.  Hydrotherapy Massage Jets 

Many shower cabins have back massage jets in addition to the overhead shower. Enjoy the gentle massage you get when you turn on these jets, which are specially positioned to work the areas of the back that need them most.

  1.  Touch Screen Controls 

A modern steam shower cabin is likely to come with a touch screen to control all the features. The control panel is easy to use and you can program it with your favourite settings, so it is quicker to operate. Many shower cabins even have Bluetooth connectivity so that you can control the shower from your phone before you even get in the bathroom.  

  1.  Powerful Overhead Shower

One of the key details that remains important in a shower is the shower head. In a modern cabin you get a powerful overhead shower which provides a strong, even flow of water over the body. Many times you can choose the type of shower head you want in order to personalise your shower experience.

  1.  Inbuilt Shower Seat 

Many shower cabins have a stylish shower seat built into the cabin so that you can sit back and relax in the steam or the water jets. A seat is a useful modern addition to the shower that enhances the comfort and convenience of the shower. Whatever combination of features you are looking for, you should be able to find them in a modern shower cabin. As well as looking for these extras you also need to consider the quality of the shower cabin and the value you get when you consider the price and the features. Showering can be relaxing, rejuvenating and luxurious when you choose the right shower cubicle.