In previous years, steam showers were seen as a luxury and this isn't surprising, considering that steam showers were a lot more expensive then. But today, steam showers are more affordable than ever. What's more, steam showers today come in different styles and designs and are packed with different features. For those who are looking to equip their bathroom with a steam shower, it is a good idea to familiarise yourself with what's available. Here, then, is a guide to steam showers and what designs and features you can avail of: 

Different kinds of steam showersSteam ShowerThere are basically three types of steam showers: the two-person one, the quadrant, and the rectangular. Each is designed for a different need or preference. Obviously, a two-person steam shower can be enjoyed by two people, and is great for those who want to share a relaxing shower with their loved one. There is also the quadrant steam shower, which is ideal for smaller bathrooms. The rectangular steam shower is also popular and can be a great addition to more spacious bathrooms.

What features you can expect from a steam shower Here at Lisna Waters, our selection of steam showers are designed to fit any budget, requirement, or preference. But there are some standard features you can expect for each steam shower, no matter what size, style, or type you choose. 

Water jets One of the most popular features of steam showers nowadays is the array of hydrotherapy jets. Every steam shower is equipped with several hydrotherapy water jets, which are also adjustable and easy to direct to whichever body part you want. Steam showers also come with a top rain shower-head for a more thorough and luxurious shower experience. 

Touch panel controls Every modern steam shower also comes with a touch control panel, where you can easily control and adjust the flow of water and other capabilities with a simple touch or tap. 

Radio with Bluetooth and USB And now, thanks to modern innovations, you can also benefit from steam showers which are built with radio capabilities and speakers, which you can connect to your favourite gadget (whether it's your memory stick or phone) to listen to your much-loved tunes whilst taking a shower. 

Aromatherapy features Steam showers today are also equipped with aromatherapy features, which allow you to pour in your favourite oils and scents for a more rejuvenating shower time. Some popular aromatherapy scents include lavender (especially great for a shower before sleeping), eucalyptus, vanilla, and jasmine.