We all like a little luxury and how better to do it than to sink into a whirlpool bath at the end of a busy day. Relieve all those stresses and strains as powerful jets massage your body and relax you. Set the lighting to suit your mood or just go with the flow. Sound good? Let's take a look at some of the features of a Lisna Waters Enlightened Whirlpool System. 

Designed for ConvenienceLisna Waters Enlightened Whirlpool SystemOur whirlpool bath is designed to fit neatly into the corner of your bathroom and takes up less room than you might think. It's smooth outside finish leaves no nooks and crannies to gather dust and it's easy to keep clean. The low level water sensor means that your bath won't get overfilled and water slop all over the floor when the jets come on, and won't operate if there is not enough water for the jets to run. You can have full control of the water jets and LED lights from an electronic touch-pad system.

Suits You, Sir You can choose how many jets you want in your whirlpool bath and we will make a bespoke option for you. Choose from 8, 12 or 16 jets - the 16 jet option includes smaller jets on the sides of the bath. Zonal Jet Technology allows you to turn off the jets at either your feet or your back which gives extra pressure to the remaining zone. So, if you've had a back breaking day in the garden or spent all day on your feet, you can direct the jets at the area that needs the most attention. You can take full control of the jets so you can either have a vigorous massage or just a gentle caress the choice is yours. 

Safety First As you relax in your whirlpool bath you can feel safe in the knowledge that your bath has been manufactured to the highest standards. All our whirlpool systems meet or exceed the BS EN 12764:2004 +A1:2008 requirements set by the British Standards Industry. Our Silverline treatment provides built in antimicrobial properties and is manufactured into the PVC. The whirlpool jets are designed to reduce the backflow of water into the whirlpool pipe work. There is an auto stop feature that will automatically shut down the pump if the suction filter is obstructed very useful if your children are playing in the bath. 

Want to Know More? To find out more information about the Lisna Waters Enlightened Whirlpool Systems please get in touch with us or visit one of our showrooms.