[tw_accordion][tw_accordion_item item_title="6 LED Lightening System" item_expand="true"]This unique whirlpool system comes with 6 LED lights fully integrated into the whirlpool jets and synchronised so that the colour of all LED lights shall be the same.[/tw_accordion_item][tw_accordion_item item_title="Electronic Touchpad & Control Box" item_expand="false"]Includes electronic control system as standard to allow you to control the whirlpool at the touch of a button on the electronic touchpad. Also enables you to control the LED lighting via the touchpad.[/tw_accordion_item][tw_accordion_item item_title="Low level water sensor" item_expand="false"]Additional level of security, this sensor is pre-set at the desired level to ensure that the whirlpool system only can be activated once the optimum level of water is filled to the bath. Stops you be soaked by the water jet stream being pushed out above the water level in the bath.[/tw_accordion_item][/tw_accordion]
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