[tw_accordion][tw_accordion_item item_title="Exquisite - With C-Lenda Technology" item_expand="true"]The intelligence of the c-lenda flush jet systems lies within the mounting flange. Manufactured from high grade stainless steel this unique patented load transfer device ensures the fittings are securely mounted to eliminate cracking and peeling, which prolongs the quality and beauty of your c-lenda flush jet system.[/tw_accordion_item][tw_accordion_item item_title="Drain Down Water Feature" item_expand="false"]Due to its integral moulding design helps to reduce water return.World wide patents pending (International WO2008063090, European EP2089580)Superior design, sophisticated style, this system combines modern materials with the look of tomorrow?s technology, offering the bather the comfort and style they deserve.c-lenda technology, fittings are mounted flush with the bath wall, creating a smooth continuous surface without any protrusions. Designed to be visually pleasing and extremely comfortable, the c-lenda fittings are easy to clean and will maintain their appealing look for years to come. Every aspect of c-lenda technology has been designed with the bather in mind. From smooth, easily adjustable controls, the invigorating jet massage performance through to the super safe suction system, you can be assured you will get the comfort, style, performance and protection you deserve.[/tw_accordion_item][/tw_accordion]
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