In the past ten years, steam shower units and enclosures have become more popular. One reason for this is that they are more affordable than ever, for a reasonable price, you can get a steam shower installed in your home in no time at all. Plus, steam showers today come with a variety of features designed to give you the ultimate shower experience.steam shower

Features to expect with a steam shower unit or enclosure A steam shower is comparable to a regular shower in that it has a shower head but that's where the similarities end. What makes a steam shower different (and much better) is the fact that it comes with water body jets, as well as some even more advanced features. You can choose a pre-made or pre-packaged steam shower unit (which we here at Lisna Waters have in abundance!) or go for one that is made from scratch. But as anyone who already owns a steam shower unit will tell you, it is easier and more convenient to have a pre-made steam shower unit or enclosure, as it just needs to be installed and is already equipped with all the features you need. Another advantage to a pre-made unit is that it is less prone to mildew or mould buildup because it is already an enclosed structure. The components of a steam shower unit include a steam generator, one or several steam outlets, and shower heads. The steam generator is where the element for creating heat is stored, which results in steam. The steam that is produced then passes through the steam outlets and permeates your shower unit.

The advanced features of a steam shower enclosure Today, you can enhance your steam shower experience ten-fold with some ready features provided by steam shower units and enclosures. These features include radio players with speakers and Bluetooth and USB capability, aromatherapy steam pods where you can add your favourite essential oils; mood or ambient lighting, and a number of adjustable body jets. But apart from these, steam shower units today also come with shower seats for an easier time in the shower. You can simply sit back and relax, let the water and steam do its work, and not be mindful of the time. You can also take advantage of ozone sterilisation systems in order to ensure the hygiene of your unit, as well as circulatory fans that prevent the unit from becoming too stifling whilst in use.