How things have changed in the past few decades. Not so many years ago an Avocado bathroom suite was the height of luxury! These days, the sight of a coloured bathroom has the opposite effect. White bathrooms are all the rage now and they are very popular. So, how can you make your bathroom stand head and shoulders above the rest? 

Freestanding bathsrange of freestanding bathsRather than a built in bath with a shower over, the latest trends are for freestanding baths and separate shower cubicles. There are plenty of options on the market but the one thing that will give your bathroom that sought after Wow! Factor is quality. The quality of your bath really matters. Cheap plastic baths from the local DIY store with panels that are flimsy will stand out a mile. The faux Victorian feet that you find on some baths just don't meet the mark. Your bathroom needs to stand the test of time so choose from a quality range.

Lisna Waters Quality Our range of freestanding baths have been designed by craftsmen. The hand finish gives a lustre you just won't see on lower quality baths. We manufacture our baths using CE and EN approved cast acrylic in European white for the closest match to the rest of your bathroom. All our baths carry a 10 year guarantee for your peace of mind. Our designers have been creating on trend baths for over 15 years so you can expect to find something a little different within our range. 

Black is Back To really have something different in your bathroom take a look at our black slipper bath. Monochrome is definitely on trend and our black slipper bath has a clean, fresh white interior and a black exterior. The two pieces of acrylic are bonded together which increases the strength of the bath. A thermal sheet is added during the bonding process which makes sure that your bath water stays hot. Each skin is coloured all the way through so in the unlikely event that a layer gets scratched it will hold its colour. Should the worst happen a scratch can easily be polished out leaving your bath as good as new. Over the lifetime of your bath a simple clean using warm, soapy water is all that is required. There is no need for special detergents or bleach which keeps your bathroom a safe place, especially if you have children. 

Be the Envy of Your Friends Choosing your new bath couldn't be easier. Visit our website or one of our showrooms and you can soon have a bathroom that truly has that Wow Factor! and is the envy of your friends.