Choosing your whirlpool bath is an exciting time but it can also be confusing, and may even turn out to be stressful if you don't know what you are looking for. You want the ultimate in comfort and indulgence from your bath, and you want to make the best choice for you and your family. Whirlpool tubs fit the bill - they combine water and air jets to massage your body while you relax in a deep soaking tub. 

What do you need to look for when you buy a whirlpool tub? Here we take you through the key steps to searching for and finding your ideal whirlpool bath. 

Think About the Size Whirlpool BathThe best way to arrive at the ideal bath size is to think of who will use the bath, and where the bath will be positioned. Consider whether you want an extra-long bath for someone tall in the family, or a two-person tub because you and your partner will be bathing together. Consider how much space you have in the room, if the bathroom is on the small side you will need to consider the smaller sized whirlpool tubs. One other thing to consider is the size of your hot water tank. Is there enough hot water at any one time to fill the bath approximately two thirds full? You will top up with cold water but you need enough hot in order to get a warm bath every time. Check that the weight of the bath filled with water will be held by the floor, particularly if the bathroom is on the upper level of the house. If in doubt, consult a structural engineer.

Consider the Location  When you have a general idea of size you need to consider where it will go so you can decide what shape of bath to buy. Look at where the bath, which will probably be the largest item in the room, will go. Are there restrictions around the wash basin or the toilet? Do you need to fit the bath in a corner or will it go against one wall? If you have a large room, a circular bath may be the best option ? it is certainly luxurious. 

Choose the Material  When choosing a whirlpool tub you need to watch out - it should be constructed from a material that is durable and hard-wearing. You want to use your tub for many years so it needs to be able to stand the test of time. The material must keep the bath water warm for a longer time period as you will be relaxing for longer in this type of bath. And the material must be easy to clean and to maintain, you don't want a complicated cleaning routine to take away the fun of your whirlpool tub

Add the Extras Now comes the fun part, decide what you want your bath to do. Look at how many hydrotherapy jets the tub has, and where they are positioned. Check if the bath comes with mood lighting, and look at the number of air jets. It is a good idea to find a tub with air jets that are positioned to target the major zones of tension in the body; the shoulders, back and neck.