When you want to add an element of relaxation to your bathroom, consider buying a whirlpool bath that can provide you with a spa experience in your own home. With a variety of styles and models available, choosing the right one for your individual preferences can be as easy as clicking a button. But before making your selection ? here are some helpful tips to help you choose the ideal whirlpool bath/whirlpool-baths for your home spa. 

Will it fit? [caption id="attachment_885" align="alignright" width="300"]Whirlpool Bath 

The biggest mistake people make is to buy the first whirlpool that catches their eye, only to find out later, it doesn't fit! It's critical that you measure the available space in your bathroom where you plan to install your whirlpool bath. Keep in mind that most whirlpools are designed to have a supporting structure into which they drop, so you'll have to add some extra space in your final measurements. If you plan to use candles, wine glasses, and other accessories near your tub ? then you should also plan for a shelf or space around your whirlpool bath to accommodate this.

 What other important measurements are required? Be sure to measure all doorways through which your whirlpool bath must pass (on route to being installed in the bathroom) and if your bathroom is on the second floor, measure the space on your stairway and any hallways where it will be carried. Also, allow for clearance in your bathroom for the tub to be positioned properly. 

Will your floor support a whirlpool bath? Another point to consider is the weight of your whirlpool bath. How much does the tub itself weigh? Add in the weight of water and people and determine if your flooring system will safely support this new addition to your bathroom. If modifications need to be made, especially if you choose a cast-iron tub, make sure to hire expert tradesman to reinforce the floor so that you can use the whirlpool bath safely. 

What about changes in plumbing and electrical services? As you begin to narrow your choices for the whirlpool bath that you like, think about any plumbing and wiring changes that may need to be made. Review the specifications of the whirlpool that you are considering and hire a qualified tradesman to make changes as required to accommodate your tub. Seek advice from a plumber or electrician before you buy to ensure that your whirlpool bath will work properly. 

What features do you want? Our whirlpool baths offer a host of features which you can choose to incorporate, such as hydrotherapy jets, aromatherapy pods, and controls which are easily accessible and simple to operate.