The beauty of a steam shower unit in your bathroom is you can use it as a regular shower at any time you wish, but it turns into a luxury steam bathing experience when you want to take a little time to relax. Of course, taking a steam shower is a highly personal matter and everyone will have their own likes, dislikes and methods. But there are a few ways you can ensure you get the most from your luxury steam shower experience. Here's how to steam with success. 

Prepare for your Steam Shower It is a good idea to make sure you are well hydrated before you take your steam shower, particularly if you intend to stay in the cabin for a considerable amount of time. Drink plenty of water during the day and before you get into the shower. Keeping hydrated generally allows your body to operate at peak efficiency, and this is even more important when you lose water from your body in the shower as you perspire.

Preheat the Shower  Depending on the settings options you can choose to preheat the steam shower so it is the right temperature for you to get into. Turn on the shower at the required settings a few minutes before you are ready to get in. If you don't have much time you can also skip this step. When you get in, don't hang about with the door open as this will lose some of the steam you have built up. Get in quickly and safely so you enjoy as much steam as possible. 

Sit or Stand, It's Up to You  Many people prefer to sit back and relax while they are taking a steam shower, letting their body relax and the steam work its magic. But others steam while standing, and this can be a good way to invigorate your body and mind. If you know that you like to sit back and relax in the steam then make sure you choose a steam shower cabin with a comfortable seat or bench. 

Add Music  Many steam showers come with radio or music players inset into the shower that you can operate before you get in. Set up a playlist of your favourite music that you can relax to while you steam. 

Use Aromatherapy Oils  Another way to ensure the steam shower experience is as memorable as possible is to add essential oils to the steam. Depending on your mood you can add invigorating oils, or oils to help you relax and unwind like lavender. 

Cool Down  For a truly refreshing finish, switch off the steam function when you are fully relaxed and recharged, and have a cool shower to wash away any essential oils, wash your body and hair, and cool your overall body temperate. This is especially helpful if you are going to bed after the steam shower.