Bathrooms today are a far cry from bathrooms a mere fifty years ago for one, today's bathrooms are more comfortable and equipped with all the amenities anyone could imagine - from basic showers to steam showers to whirlpool baths, and more. Take whirlpool baths, for instance. This type of bath has become a byword in comfort and luxury for any modern bathroom. And if you are thinking of equipping your bathroom with one, it's always a nice idea to learn as much as you can about whirlpool baths: where they originated Modern whirlpool bathsand what features are available today.

What are whirlpool baths?Whirlpool baths are also referred to as hot tubs, and they are usually a big tub (or even a small pool) filled with hot water and equipped with massage or water jets that are ideal for relaxation and even hydrotherapy. Compared to a regular bathtub, a whirlpool bath is more luxurious since it has massage capabilities due to its water jets. Sometimes, whirlpools can be made for two or more persons and are placed outdoors or in a conservatory, but there are now whirlpool baths designed just like an ordinary bathtub but with that special feature whirlpools are known for. 

Where whirlpool baths originated It's been said that whirlpool bathtubs first emerged in the Greek city of Therma, which later on became known as Thessalonica. This is where some remains of marble bathtubs were discovered, along with an aqueduct which served to bring water to the tubs. But it is not only in Europe where hot tubs became popular - in Japan, onsen (or bathing facilities built around hot springs) have been used since 700+ A.D. However, it is in Rome where hot tubs became more innovative. There were three kinds of baths in Rome: the baths that could be found in a person's home, a private bath, and a public bath where everyone could relax and cleanse themselves. It's also interesting that in England, some castles began to be built with private bathrooms and hot tubs, which could actually fit several bathers. 

Modern whirlpool baths and hot tubs But it was only in the 20th century that hydrotherapy features were introduced to hot tubs. Today, you can benefit from a full range of advanced features from whirlpool baths (all of which we have here at Lisna Waters), such as whirlpool flow controls that allow you to control the water's intensity (whether you want a soft or vigorous massage, for instance), anti-bacterial capabilities, dry-run pumps that allow the whirlpool to function only when it has the correct level of water, and more.