Without a doubt, steam showers are a wonderful addition to any bathroom. When you have your own steam shower unit, you have the benefit of a more relaxing, rejuvenating bath that will give you the instant energy boost you need. But just like any other gadget or appliance, steam shower units need care and maintenance. Properly caring for your steam shower unit will help you avoid any issues and repairs, which will cost more in the long run. 

Keeping your steam shower unit clean It is important to clean your steam shower regularly to prevent the buildup of mould and mildew. Another reason why you need to keep your steam shower unit clean is to avoid the buildup of stains. Steam showers are known for producing vast quantities of moisture, so they need to be regularly cleaned and kept dry, especially after use. To remove any stains or mould, simply make use of an all-purpose liquid (non-abrasive) cleaner or even just homemade remedies like a vinegar and baking soda solution. Carefully check the shower unit's surface to make sure there are no stains or mould left, and if there are any stubborn ones, wipe them clean with a cloth which has been dipped in the cleaning solution. Ventilation is an important aspect as it can provide a good circulation of air that prevents mould and stain buildup. With this in mind, open your bathroom's windows after using the steam shower and open the unit's doors as well to allow moisture to evaporate. 

Maintenance To maintain the efficiency of your steam shower unit, have a professional check its heating coils once or twice a year. The heating coils of a steam shower may be less efficient after a period of time, especially if the unit is used frequently. If the unit produces less steam, the heating coils may require cleaning, or, in some cases, replacement. The water pipelines should also be regularly inspected for leaks. If there is any leak in your water supply, the unit's steam generator may generate less steam, making the unit less efficient. Aside from leaks, you should also check for any connections which are loose. If there are any leaks or a loose connection, have them sealed or tightened immediately. Lisna Waters steam shower units are definitely built to last and with the proper care and maintenance, you can enjoy them for an even longer time.