There's no doubt that having a whirlpool bath provides endless hours of fun for the family. With a whirlpool bath, you can have your very own relaxing and rejuvenating 'spa' experience right in the comfort of your home. But just like any other piece of furniture or home accessory, a whirlpool bath needs to be cleaned properly as well. Following is a step-by-step guide to cleaning your whirlpool bath

Step one: Fill the bath with waterClean Your Whirlpool BathThe first step in cleaning your bath is to fill it with hot water. The water should reach around ten centimetres above the highest bath jets. Next, turn off the valves. This is an important step because it allows only water to go through the pipes of the whirlpool bath instead of water blended with air. Another option is to open the bath's induction port, which intensifies the water turbulence. But if you are unsure about turning off the valves or port, you can check if your whirlpool bath comes with any instructions for proper cleaning as well, or contact the manufacturer for more specific information.

Step three: Add a cleaning agent to the hot water The third step is to add a cleaning agent to the water, such as a bathroom cleanser or all-purpose cleaning liquid. One tip: it is better to use a cleaning agent that does not foam too much, such as the ones mentioned above or dishwasher detergent. Also, try to stay away from 'acidic' cleansers since the acid may end up stripping the bath's brass sealant, which results in tarnishing. Add around one-fourth of a cup of this liquid to the water. Next, disinfect your bath properly. In emergency cases, you can add ordinary bleach (around half a cup), but you can also check with your manufacturer for any recommendations. 

Step five: Run the whirlpool bath's water jets for approximately five to ten minutes Set the water jets of the bath to their strongest pressure for this. If you see gunk coming out, that's a good sign as it means that the jets are being thoroughly cleaned. 

Step six: Drain the bath After the gunk or whatever residue comes out, drain the bath. Clean out whatever residue remains, and then fill the bath again, this time with cold water. After the bath is filled, run the bath's water jets again for another ten minutes so everything will be thoroughly rinsed out. When this is done, drain the bath again. Your sparkling clean whirlpool bath is now ready for use!