When your old bathroom needs a face-lift it's time to think about what you would really like and want in your new bathroom. If you have longed for a place to relax at the end of the day, a steamy shower to alleviate your stiff joints, or a bath where you can soak away your stress, now is the time to buy exactly what you want to include in this remodelling project. Let's look at some of the decisions that you'll have to make before you begin shopping for your new bathroom. 

Would you like a home spa? You can create a luxurious spa experience if you choose a whirlpool bath. You can use it as a therapeutic tool to help ease the stress in your back and neck as you soak in it at the end of a challenging day. Use the warm water to alleviate any aches and pains you may be suffering from and soothe any painful muscles and ligaments in your body. Consider a whirlpool with air jets that will give you a five-star experience and zonal jets that can be directed at your back, shoulders and neck. New models and styles of whirlpool baths available also add a touch of elegance to the decor in any bathroom. 

Could a steam shower energise your showering experience? When you want to cleanse your body, rejuvenate your spirit after a trying day or simply relax just before bedtime, a steam shower is the ideal solution. A steam shower can elevate your showering experience to a whole new level of personal pleasure with features such as hydrotherapy jets, aromatherapy and ambient lighting that sets the tone for your shower. Enjoying the health benefits of steam can also provide you with a way to fight off colds and flu and alleviate any symptoms associated with respiratory diseases. You'll breathe better in a steam shower as you wash away germs, body toxins, and the frustration of the day. 

Do you want to soak away your cares in an elegant freestanding bath? If you have the space and are searching for an elegant focal point for your new bathroom, including a freestanding bath is an excellent choice. You can choose from a host of shapes: slipper, double-ended or contemporary, and features to complement your bathroom decor and interior design. What's more, you'll find a variety of materials to choose from which all add durability and easy maintenance to your bathroom. Keep in mind the overall look that you want to achieve from your bathroom remodelling project. Are you aiming for a traditional look or a more modern feel for your bathroom? The good news is that freestanding baths come in a sufficient assortment of styles and colours to enable you to choose just the right one to make your new bathroom look like it belongs in a home design magazine.