Freestanding baths were previously seen as a high-ticket item ? one that not many people could afford; an item of luxury. But this opinion is changing fast as more and more freestanding baths have become more affordable than ever. Nowadays, you can choose to have a freestanding bath for your own bathroom without worrying too much about the cost. Here are a few more outstanding reasons why a freestanding bath could be your best choice for your own bathroom. 

A flexible, versatile design Often, when people speak of freestanding baths, they think about those claw-foot ones or the really old-fashioned ones made from cast-iron. This is not the case today. Today, you can choose from a variety of freestanding bath styles, shapes, and designs, which add to their flexibility and versatility. There are freestanding baths with totally modern, geometric designs, whilst there are still the ever-popular claw-foot freestanding baths that are perfect for any bathroom theme. Freestanding baths also come in different colours, but, of course, the most popular colour is still white, although you can choose to have it in black for a more dramatic flair. Freestanding bath shapes also range from rectangular to oval, round, and more. Another aspect of a freestanding bath's flexibility comes from where it can be placed. You don't have to be restricted to placing your freestanding bath in a corner, you can place it in the middle of the bathroom or against one wall.

A unique style and design As mentioned, freestanding baths come in all shapes and sizes nowadays, and different colours as well. As if this in itself weren't enough to make an impact, just imagine how your bathroom will look if you place a freestanding bath in the centre of the room? It will truly add a unique touch of sophistication to your bathroom, serving as a focal point and making your bathroom look elegant and unique. 

Plenty of choices in materials There are many materials you can choose from when it comes to a freestanding bath, from acrylic to stone and more unique materials such as cast iron and even wood. Of course, you have to consider the whole weight of the bath if you choose a heavier material, so you should think of the strength of your flooring as well. 

The semblance of space  Bathrooms today are smaller than ever, but this doesn't mean you cannot have your own freestanding bath. In fact, there are now smaller-sized freestanding baths which can be accommodated in smaller bathrooms. But with a freestanding bath, your bathroom can actually look bigger, a bath like this gives the semblance of space, since there is often an open area underneath and around the bath that contributes to the feeling of openness and airiness.