If you're looking for a modern shower that brings extra benefits to the bathroom, take a look at the steam shower. Steam showers not only offer cleaning power but they also provide the opportunity to relax and benefit from the power of steam. Once only available in health spas and gyms, steam showers are much more accessible to the average family. But the decision to buy a steam shower is not the only choice you have to make - once you have decided to make the purchase you need to consider which features and extras you want in the shower. With such a Steam Showerswide range of available features it can be difficult to make the decision, here is a list of possible features to help make up your mind.

  1.  Different Shower Heads 

Steam showers are not only for sitting in and relaxing, you also need to get clean. Choose a powerful rain shower-head for a drenching soak, or a power shower head that directs water right where you need it. If you really don't like things to stay the same, you can fit interchangeable shower-heads so that you vary the shower experience. Some steam showers are made for two people, so you can have two different shower heads depending on you and your partner's preference.

  1.  Mood Lighting 

When you are sitting down to relax in the steam you don't want to be blinded with strong overhead light. Much better is the mood lighting that is installed in the steam shower. You can choose different coloured lights, and lights that can be dimmed by remote control so you can decide how bright you want the shower to be. With the integrated lights on, you don't need the main bathroom lights which saves on electricity and also provides a more relaxing ambience. Lights within the shower improve visibility, so you can see what you are doing more easily.

  1.  Sound System 

What could be more relaxing than sitting down in a steam room listening to your favourite music? The addition of a sound system has to be top of your list when you are considering a steam shower. You can have a CD system installed, or an MP3 system that allows you to plug in your iPod or MP3 player.

  1.  Adjustable Controls and Settings 

Available more of a standard than an extra, a control panel that allows you to program temperature and steam settings is useful you don't need to waste time trying to get the level of steam exactly right every time, and you can also program the shower differently for different people. You can even set a timer to remind you when to get out of the shower if you are regularly late for work.

  1.  Foot Massager

One luxurious extra that makes a big difference to your comfort is the built-in foot massager. Foot massagers may be simple items where you move your feet over rollers and balls, or more complex with built-in water jets and moving parts that massage your feet without any effort on your part.