There are many ways in which to design your bathroom, but one thing is for sure: the bathroom is no longer simply the room in which people take care of their private necessities and then move on to other activities for the rest of the day. The modern bathroom is no longer a room for only basic functionality. The contemporary bathroom is a place where you compose yourself. This has far-reaching consequences in design. It's no longer enough to get clean, we want to enjoy the process, and do it in luxury. It's a place to think about the day and let the stress wash off after a hard time at work, and it's a place to get ready in the morning with speed and accuracy before a busy working endeavour. The bathroom holds a prominent place in our hearts and minds, and we need to consider its design carefully. Here are some top bathroom trends for 2017 you should know about. 

Go for style Top Bathroom TrendsLuxury is in, think of the hotel experience. There are many things you can do to make your bathroom more comfortable. However, often, it takes just a few simple measures to ensure that you can get that true hotel experience without too much spending. Place a table near your bath so everything is close at hand. Think of that beautiful and comfortable rug. Think of extra soaps and different kinds of additions to the water.

Choose the right centrepiece There's nothing like a great centrepiece in any room and that goes for the bathroom as well. Since the bathroom is a place of privacy and relaxation, nothing fits better in the centre of the bathroom than a freestanding bath. Granted, it may require some more space and it may not be suitable for the smallest of bathrooms. On the other hand, the freestanding bath nowadays comes in different sizes and styles and there are plenty of choices available for any kind of bathroom. 

Lights make a difference Proper lighting makes a big difference. Make it useful, but make it relaxing and ambient as well. 

Materials matter Choose coloured or mirrored glass. The difference is amazing. 

Nature, stones, and textures Bring in marble and quartz. Allow nature to shine. Get into textures. Bring in plants. Make use of wood. Of course, there are many other issues that should be mentioned when we talk about bathroom trends in the year 2017 among them are the act of adding drama and impact (by, for example, distributing splashes of intense colour on an otherwise very well-balanced background), or going Scandinavian style (meaning the Swedish sauna and timber-effect stands dominant). Whatever style you're into, understand that your design requires thought. It's an important investment, after all.