You've decided on a freestanding bath for your bathroom, good choice. Freestanding baths add a touch of elegance and luxury to any bathroom. They become the centrepiece of the space and have deep sides so that you're able to fully relax and unwind at the end of a busy day. We have a wide selection of designs available for you to choose from, but which one is going to be right for your bathroom? 

Looking for Something Different White bathrooms have been in style for many years and it seems that they will remain fashionable for decades to come, they're timeless. However, not everyone likes to conform, some people like to push the envelope and for those individuals we recommend the black freestanding baths as an alternative? Our black baths have white interiors and beautiful bold black exteriors that ooze modern design. 

Perfect for Couples If you love to share a bath and hate being the one stuck at the tap end then we have the ideal solution for you. The double ended baths are ideal for romantic bath times, or those times when you want to have a relaxing chat to catch up on each other's news. Double ended freestanding baths are also suitable for those who want clean cut modern design. The taps lie in the centre of the tub, creating a sense of symmetry. Bathroom Image: ritual/[/caption]

Pure Relaxation Love to sink into a full bath brimming with bubbles? If this sounds like you, we recommend you choose the slipper freestanding bath style. One end of the bath tub is raised higher than the other, perfectly sloped to give you a comfortable position to close your eyes and enjoy the serenity of your bathroom. Slipper baths are available in both black and white, so there's one for everyone. 

A Modern Touch Many people believe freestanding baths are Victorian in design and that they won't fit in with a contemporary home. Nothing is further from the truth. Click on the modern bath tab to view our entire collection of contemporary design freestanding baths that fit in with the style and feel of any 21st century home. 

A Touch of White White baths will never go out of style and you'll find a beautiful selection of white freestanding baths to choose from right here as LisnaWaters. We have slipper baths and double ended baths in contemporary designs suitable for all tastes and homes. A white bath suite is a fantastic option as they add to the feel of cleanliness in the bathroom. As taste changes, the bath suite can remain in place while the tiles and wall treatments are altered to fit in with modern design and fashion trends. If you have your heart set on a freestanding bath please visit our collection page to view the different styles we have available. You can view all or reduce your choice by clicking on the different style options we've mentioned above. If you would like to view the bath in person before making your choice please visit out stockist page to find the one nearest to you.